Campaigners in Sunny Leicester Rally to Save Glenfield Heart Unit

Earlier this afternoon around 200 people rallied in Leicester city centre to oppose the proposed closure of the Children’s Heart Unit at Glenfield hospital, the only one of its kind in the whole of the East Midlands. Hundreds of others shoppers stopped to listen to speeches and read the campaign material.

Save Glenfield rally July 8 2017
Photos by Lukasz Bemka

Such empowering events like today’s rally play a critical role in building support for the ongoing campaign to help save our health services both locally and nationally. Such events also provide an important counter to the often depressing news as covered in the mainstream press: a good example being today’s Leicester Mercury which seemed almost obsessed with attempting to drive their readers into depression with their overwhelming focus on the darker side of life (see below).

The Save Glenfield Campaign however shows no sign of flagging, and with a little luck and a lot more fight we might soon succeed in forcing NHS England to desist from their latest attempt to steal our precious heart unit.

Save Glenfield 3

The only slight down point in the day was the relative invisibility of our local politicians… no members of parliament and no city mayor, and actually not even any councillors from the entirety of the East Midlands!

That said, a clue as to whereabouts of city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby may have been inadvertently revealed in the Leicester Mercury (July 8) which featured a photo of our mayor draped lovingly over a newly refurbished spiral stairwell (apparently inspired by ammonite fossil). Sir Peter was reported as saying:

“This scheme has given our flagship [New Walk] museum the bright and airy grand entrance it deserves… The striking new staircase is a feature in its own right, and I’m delighted it’s been completed in time for the opening of our major new exhibition this weekend.” (July 8, Mercury)


Here it is interesting to note that the last time that Sir Peter got this excited was when he heard that slave-like employer Sports Direct was opening a new store in town at the former site of BHS on Gallowtree Gate, which happened to be the site for today’s Glenfield protest. I will leave you with Sir Peter’s own words about the coming of Sports Direct to Gallowtree Gate: “No one dreamt we would get anything as exciting as this.” (June 6, Mercury)

Headlines in today’s issue of the Leicester Mercury (July 8)

  •  ‘I killed wife to stop her leaving me’ (page 1)
  • Teen charged with rape holds mum’s hand (page 2)
  • Split-second escape of red-light jumper (page 3)
  • Defendant: I didn’t mean to shoot man (page 4)
  • Five vehicles collide (page 4)
  • Police discover body in river (page 4)
  • CCTV plea after man hit with a glass in pub (page 4)
  • Hunt after theft bid (page 5)
  • Accused in court after a shooting (page 6)
  • Driver assaulted after collision (page 7)
  • New plea to identify woman’s attackers (page 7)
  • Parent left ‘disgusted’ by school sport day bust-up (page 8)
  • Why us? Family baffled as vandals damage car (page 9)
  • Company hit by crimewave (page 12)
  • Purse snatcher sent to prison (page 18)
  • Fag in supermarket veg (page 23)

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