Celebrating the Bakers Union’s Success at Organising at Charnwood Foods (in South Wigston)

Charnwood Foods union

The Bakers Union are doing great work locally, and they have recently secured a Recognition Agreement at Charnwood Foods (in South Wigston), at a site which is owned by one of Britain’s biggest listed food companies, Premier Foods.

Through the hard work of local shop stewards and area activists, the union waged an inspired recruitment campaign and managed to increase local membership to over 90%. This just goes to show what unions can achieve when they put the time and effort into recruiting new members.

Local Bakers Union Organizer, Lukasz Bemka said: “It was very pleasing for me personally, as a place I used to work for a couple of years may now fully enjoy all the benefits of union recognition.” Having signed the Agreement in mid-March, he added: “One of the first successes is already behind us: after negotiations a rejected pay offer was accepted by a majority of 97% membership!”

This is a brilliant step forward for the trade union movement. Moreover, now that the Charnwood Foods workforce is so well-organized they will be a far better position to force their millionaire bosses to improve their pay and conditions. And certainly Premier Foods can afford to give their employees a bigger share of their profits!

I say this because last summer it was reported that Premier Foods’ CEO Gavin Darby received a BONUS of £598,500 for his year’s work, which comes on top of his basic salary of £700,000 a year! Compared to his previous year’s total pay packet Mr Darby therefore received an astounding pay rise of in excess of 35%.

I am sure that if the workers employed at Charnwood Foods were to receive a similar pay rise to that obtained by their boss they would be very happy indeed.



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