Sir Peter Soulsby Admits He Was Wrong about Jeremy Corbyn’s Popular Opposition to Austerity

Sir Peter Soulsby is busy shouting the good news from the roof-tops, celebrating the good news that a vinyl window covering now commemorates the success of local snooker world chamption, Mark Selby. As Soulsby excitedly tweeted earlier today, accompanied by a glorious photo of his grinning self:

“Success of @markjesterselby celebrated in new vinyl outside City Hall (one-time snooker club). Very proud of our three-times world champion.” (June 22)

Peter Soulsby celebrates

In this week’s other good news, we also finally heard from Soulsby that he admits that he was wrong after all, and that Jeremy Corbyn was right in opposing austerity. This is a nice turn for the books as Soulsby had previously opposed the majority of the Labour Party’s membership in his public call for Corbyn to resign as the leader of his party.

This public acknowledgement of Corbyn’s success has been a long time coming, but was only pried from Soulsby’s mouth during his “Twitter Q&A” that was held online on Wednesday night. The question, which came from Paul Akroyd, was straight to the point and asked:

“Will you congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his election triumph & endorse current Labour Party direction & policy #citymayorqt” (June 21)

Soulsby replied:

“Election result a vindication of Jeremy’s leadership. Another GE soon? Working for a Labour Gov next time.” (June 21)

A brilliant answer; and while we may not expect Soulsby to create a vinyl window covering to celebrate Corbyn’s leadership in the ongoing fight against austerity, we might expect Soulsby to be more receptive to opposing Tory cuts in Leicester… one can dream I guess.

Soulsby supports Corbyn


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