Opposing Britain First’s March on Birmingham

Tiny far-right groups like Britain First are crackpot racists, who in their desperation to grow a little (just a little) are trying to make political capital out of the latest terror attack upon Muslims. None too surprisingly Sunday’s Muslim-murderer seems to have had a soft spot for Britain First’s leader, Paul Golding, whose twitter feed featured among just a handful of twitter accounts that was being followed by the killer.

In the wake of the vile attack the mainstream media have been quick to criticise right-wing extremism, but only after making sure that the right-wingers have had ample opportunity to broadcast their views across our national media. Leading Muslim-hater and former head of the street-fighting English Defence League (EDL) graced our televisions this morning courtesy of Piers Morgan and Good Morning Britain.

Paul Golding on the other hand made the headline in national newspapers earlier this year when he retweeted a video of what he said was a ‘video of Muslims in London rejoicing at the Paris attacks’ which in actual fact was a Pakistani cricket celebration from 2009. But following Sunday’s brutal terror attack upon Muslims at Finsbury Park Mosque (which racists seem to believe represents a legitimate target for such terror attacks) Golding has invited his fellow extremists from across Europe to march through Birmingham to stoke up racial tensions.


Evidently Golding and his opportunist far-right friends are completely befuddled in the wake of the snap general election, as it seems to have passed them by that British people are seeking a genuine socialist answer to years of austerity, international wars, growing threats of terrorism and escalating levels of poverty. So while Tony Blair’s “New Labour” and the Tories (the DUP, UKIP and the Lib-Dems) had all been united in promoting uncertainty and ethnically-riven splits within the working-class, Jeremy Corbyn is changing all that, and it couldn’t come a moment too soon.

Moreover, if the heartless and hatemongering Tories can be forced out of office any day, Corbyn may soon arrive in Downing Street — whereupon he will be able to bring an end to the politics of austerity, and ensure that the ordinary people (the 99%) reap the benefits of living in the fifth richest country in the world.

By providing a political solution to the root causes of poverty (of a lack of public housing, schools, and decent paying jobs), Corbyn’s anti-austerity politics can help undercut the racism that is so insidiously promoted on a daily basis by the political representatives of the 1% in the mainstream media (whether it be on the BBC or on Sky News).

A million-plus people may be marching in London on July 1st in an effort to kick the Tories out, while just a hundred or so racists (if they are lucky) will be trying to spread hate in Birmingham this weekend. But it is critical to note that the key way to oppose such racists is by organising on the streets; working-class communities must continue to organise massive counter-demonstrations to ensure that Britain First receive the message loud and clear that they are not welcome on our streets. We do not ban such groups, but what we certainly do is make sure they know they know they are not welcome.

However, right-wing “New Labour” MPs like Birmingham’s very own Khalid Mahmood has other ideas for how to oppose the far-right and wants Britain First’s march to be cancelled by the police. This response has enabled Britain First to ramp up their publicity for the planned demonstration as they are now saying to hundreds of thousands of the viewers of their social media accounts that a Muslim “socialist” is denying them their democratic right to march.

Needless to say Khalid Mahmood is no real socialist, and a good demonstration of this is the fact that for the past two years — much like the majority of his fellow “New Labour” MPs — he has not passed up on a single opportunity in his attempts to depose Corbyn. We should be clear, it is precisely because of the decidedly anti-working-class policies that have been pursued by such sell-outs like Mahmood that racism has been able to flourish in our society. This need not be the case any longer.

Labour Party activists up and down the country are now demanding the right to select MPs that represent working-class interests before the needs of big business. We need Labour representatives like Jeremy Corbyn, elected representatives who will put our needs before their careers, and help bring an end to racism and division in Britain now, not later.


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