The Haters: From Grenfell Tower to the Finsbury Park Mosque

The Tory hate-press make it their golden principle to whip up divisions within our communities.

The relentless demonization of Muslims in such media outlets is a perfect example of Tory extremism, closely followed by their vitriolic misrepresentation of socialism and its proponents in parliament. Here I am think most specifically of Jeremy Corbyn – the so-called terrorist sympathizer (who is anything but)!


Profit must always trump human life, so the story goes, and in this respect the horrific firetrap that was Grenfell Tower is yet the latest testament to the insanity of capitalism. That countless thousands of building are clad in such readily combustible tinder proves beyond all doubt that socialism is not a pipedream but a necessity.

When local residents, friends and outraged individuals quickly organised themselves — in the best of Britain’s democratic traditions — to demand justice for the victims of Grenfell, the Tory press sought (unsuccessfully) to turn public opinion against them.

On Friday the Daily Telegraph (June 16) featured an article titled “Mustafa Almansur: Who is the organiser of the Grenfell Tower protest movement?” The article revealed the apparently shocking news that Mustafa “is a Jeremy Corbyn-supporting political activist” and then, in their bid to denigrate his good name, felt obliged to add that he “used to be spokesman for the Finsbury Park Mosque, [and] had been arrested 10 years ago by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of terrorism offences.”

Although the “newspaper” admitted that Mustafa was not actually guilty of any crime, now or in the past, their sensational revelations were only made in a blatant attempt to fuel the type of division that naturally follows in the wake of the Tory presses’ daily outflow of bile-laden Islamophobia.

For those who are too easily sucked in by lies about Muslims and the much maligned Finsbury Park Mosque, acts of retribution and terror may come to be seen as necessary, as some form of payback for the alleged Muslim-takeover of Britain.

Sunday night’s terrorist attack provided just one nightmarish example of how extremist responses may be incited by daily provocation and misinformation. It should not be seen as coincidental that the target of Britain’s latest terror attack chose was unleashed upon Muslims praying at the aforementioned Finsbury Park Mosque.

The Leicester Mercury letters page published an edited version of this article on June 21. The editors of the paper ommitted the first half of the article which provided the context for the letter.

LM June 21 2017




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