Leicestershire Police Have Just Demanded an End to Further Funding Cuts

Our current Tory “government” is weak and divided and so now is the perfect time for us all to unite and fight back against yet more proposed cuts to our public services. Given that the police force has already seen massive funding cuts under Tory rule, with a loss of around 20,000 police officers since 2010, it is not too surprising that they would be quick to speak out against further Tory cuts.

(Government figures show that in March 2010, the total number of police officers in England and Wales was 143,734, while by March 2016, that figure had fallen to 124,066.)

Monday’s issue of the Leicester Mercury (June 12) thus carries the article “Chief urges MPs to fight for fair funding for Leicestershire Police.” Therein we find that Leicestershire’s chief constable Simon Cole “is to write to the 10 new Parliamentary representatives to warn he expects his force to lose a further £10 million under existing Conservative spending plans.” This is an additional cut on top of the £38 million that has already been removed from the local police forces operating budget since 2009.

ARTICLE CONTINUED HERE... http://www.leicestersocialists.org.uk/?p=3696


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