“No one dreamt we would get anything as exciting as this.”

As we now all now know, there was only one winner in this general election and just one loser, the winner being democracy and socialism and the loser being capitalism.

Another big loser of this election was Theresa May and her all-star team of weak-wobblers, who despite receiving a numerically larger share of the total votes cast, lost the election by May’s own criteria. I say this because last month Theresa May arrogantly tweeted:

“If I lose just six seats I will lose this election and Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with Europe” (May 20)

Thus by May’s own standards it is clear that Corbyn and his politics of hope represented the only clear winner in this momentous election! But unfortunately not everyone in the Labour Party has awoken to Corbyn’s success.

This week however Leicester’s City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby did at least manage to get quite excited about another political development, exclaiming in the local media that:

No one dreamt we would get anything as exciting as this.” (Leicester Mercury, June 6)

Peter Soulsby and Sports Direct

Here Sir Peter’s dream come true concerned the news that the boss of Sports Direct, Mike Ashley, was planning to open a new shop in Leicester’s city centre at the site of BHS’s former store on Gallowtree Gate. This development would apparently be a “major boost” for Leicester.

It is of course great that Sir Peter is excited about something, no-one should deny him his own little moments of excitement. After-all is was only the other month that Corbyn railed against the fat cat owners of both BHS and Sports Direct noting:

“If I were Southern Rail or Philip Green [the owner of BHS], I’d be worried about a Labour Government.

“If I were Mike Ashley or the CEO of a tax-avoiding multinational corporation, I’d want to see a Tory victory.

“Why? Because those are the people who are monopolising the wealth that should be shared by each and every one of us in this country.

“Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a contribution to make and a life to lead. Poverty and homelessness are a disaster for the individual and a loss to all of us…”

A Corbyn-led government has not come to power yet, but fat cats like Philip Green and Mike Ashley must certainly be worried that a socialist Labour government is likely to come to power one day soon. One can only wonder whether Sir Peter Soulsby also shares such concerns.

(For further details about Sir Peter Soulsby’s failed attempt to oust Corbyn from Labour’s leadership last summer, see “Labour Leicester mayor Peter Soulsby – ‘Corbyn’s position now completely untenable’,” Leicester Mercury, June 28, 2016.)

Theresa May loses general election


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