Don’t Let Theresa May Spoil June, July, August, September…

Something is very wrong in the world. Our education system is broken and Theresa May’s uneducated comments in the wake of the latest terror atrocity exemplify these serious problems, of which her government is a major contributing factor.

May would clearly have failed any school exam with her most recent outburst suggesting that “there is far too much tolerance of extremism” in Britain. She is wrong, the vast majority of people are completely opposed to terrorism.

Her distain for facts or education more generally can be seen by the Tories attacks on the education of our children. Contrary to May’s claims, a recent leaflet promoted by the National Union of Teachers makes clear, “99% of schools are having their funding cut” – “The Government is cutting £3 billion from our schools.”

NUT election leaflet June 2017

Over a third of these cuts are expected to come from support staff jobs and resources, and as public service union Unison point in their latest damming report: “Cuts to these support roles could lead to schools breaching the law or allowing people who could be a risk to children’s safety to slip through the net – putting our young people in real danger.”

Yet at the same time as funding for prisons, the police and emergency services, the NHS, public services, and education are allowed to dwindle dangerously, our government ensures that profits derived from selling the tools of destruction blossom.

Government figures, compiled by Campaign Against Arms Trade earlier this month, show that the UK has licensed over £4.1 billion of arms to the Middle East since the last election in May 2015. Government figures show that £3.3 billion of these UK arms exports go directly to the brutal regime in Saudi Arabia.

So the Tories maintain arms sales to wealthy Saudis who we know are entwined in toxic funding relationships with ISIS and other jihadists, while simultaneously attacking services that maintain the education and safety of the entire British public.

Don’t let Theresa May spoil June, July, August, September… private education is no excuse for extremism.


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