Why We Need to Shake the Magic Money Tree!

Every time that Jeremy Corbyn promotes a socialist policy that will benefit the lives of millions of people, the Tories pretend his policy is uncosted and relies upon the mystical “magic money tree.”

But ironically there are just three political parties which vie with one another to manage the profits of the magic money tree: UKIP, the Lib Dems and the Tories. Capitalism, not democracy, is the fertilizer for all three’s green ambitions, and all three parties, but not Corbyn, ARE living in cloud-cuckoo land.

This week political commentator/ranter, Chunky Mark (aka The Artist Taxi Driver), released a scathing video response to the Tories relentless worries about Jeremy Corbyn’s ongoing efforts to shake up the magic money tree so that its fruits can be shared more equitably. In a genius mashup, this video has now metamorphosed into a catchy tune based upon Skepta’s Shutdown.

“I love it when the Tories say ‘where are you going to find the money?’ like they don’t know; you got it all your greedy bastards, you know exactly where it is.

“They go on about where is this bloody magic money tree — it’s in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Pana-fucking-ma, that’s where the magic money tree is! And yeah the Tories have all the money, and everyone knows it.”

The magic money tree gives to a few and not to the many. In the past year alone the richest 1,000 individuals and families could boast of having a collective wealth worth some £658 billion, a 14% increase on last year! As Chunky Mark makes clear… “Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, the biggest companies in our lives pay no tax.” The result of this outright theft from the public leads Mark on to his catchy chorus:

“Your community centre… gets shutdown, your library… shutdown, your fire station… shutdown, your police station… shutdown, Tory vulture capitalists property speculators get the key, the magic money tree!”

Jeremy Corbyn is reversing New Labour’s toxic legacy by opening up a potential road to socialism – away from the capitalism of the magic money tree that enriches the super-rich at our expense. As Mark screams in righteous frustration…

“The Tories magic money tree is called the public, YOU! Your zero hour contracts… you get less the boss gets more… the magic money tree. Rents go up, Tory landlords get more, you get poor… the magic money tree. Your kids get debt, the City of London, they get Lambor-fucking-ghinis.”

Mark says the money tree is…

“Like a fucking giant Triffid, spreading, and there’s Jeremy Corbyn trying to shake just a little bit off, just a little bit!”

This attempt to shake the money tree is already working and the Tories and the Tory press have been thrown into an anti-Corbyn meltdown. The latest public poll (courtesy of Survation) shows Labour on 39% and the Conservatives on 40%.

Everything is to play for. Get involved, get active and let’s put Corbyn in Number 10.


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