“The first rule of leadership is to show up”

Its official, Theresa May is running so scared that she won’t even turn up at the main debate that was broadcast live on BBC earlier tonight. It’s as if she might have something to hide.

As Green Party leader stated “The first rule of leadership is to show up.” Or as one witty commentator quickly observed: “The Lady’s not for turning up!”

May’s less than stable stand-in for the debate was Amber Rudd, who proceeded to talk uninformed rubbish about how she thought the economy worked. Trust the Tory Daily Express to rush off with the nonsensical headline “Amber Rudd savages Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘magic money tree’ in furious BBC debate row” (May 31).

Amber Rudd 2017

The Daily Express article in question however at least drew attention to the “calamitous news” that recent YouGov projections suggested that “the Conservatives will lose their outright majority clinched by David Cameron in 2015 in the upcoming June 8 election”. They explained that Labour is set to have a “surge” in parliamentary representation.

This surge was also clarified in the most recent headline for The Independent which shouts: “Election poll latest: Theresa May’s lead slashed to record low of three points as Labour close in on Tories” (May 31).

The Tories are on the ropes, while support for Corbyn witnesses surge after surge!

Corbyn had previously been scheduled to address a NHS rally in Bristol earlier tonight, but had to cancel this appointment at the last minute to attend the debate. Nevertheless despite Corbyn’s absence, thousands of Labour supporters packed out the amphitheatre to hear from Leicester’s very own Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth.

Times are a changing and while the public certainly seem more than willing to turn up for Corbyn (even when he can’t be there), in stark contrast May can’t even show up for Britain’s most important political debate!

Bristol NHS rally May 31 2017

Jon Ashworth in Bristol May 31 2017


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