No to Terrorism, No to Hypocrisy

Terrorism has no place in our world, and the tragic terrorist attack that took place last night is correctly being condemned by politicians of all political hues. The inspiring response from ordinary people to this latest bombing was astounding, once again demonstrating the strength of the bonds of solidarity that hold our democratic society together.

The real hypocrites in this senseless farce are the politicians who profess their apparent deep-felt sorrow while simultaneously pursuing political policies that serve as a breeding ground for international terrorism. Politicians that support war after war in the Middle East know full well the toxic backlash caused by their imperialist misadventures, of that there can be no doubt.

Yes, barbaric organisations like ISIS must be opposed, but the same must hold true for wars fought for oil and profits.

After the bombing, Theresa May proclaimed that we must “take on and defeat the ideology that often fuels” the violence of those who support ISIS. But the best way to achieve this goal would be to stop waging violent wars that slaughter endless thousands of people.

In the meantime politicians must refuse to scapegoat the Muslim community, and oppose racist acts which further divide our communities.

Opposing Terrorism

UKIP’s former hope for the future, now Independent MEP Steven Woolfe, is hardly a man known for his commitment to fighting racism; yet in his article for today’s Telegraph he at least admitted that “The vast majority of victims of Islamist terrorism are Muslims themselves.”

Woolfe says that the ideology of ISIS should be killed, but had no concrete suggestions for how this might be done. This is because this former lawyer for city hedge fund managers is the least likely person to champion a socialist alternative to our present economic and political system that seems only able to promote poverty, war and terrorism.

Nevertheless Woolfe did at least draw attention to the fact that just yards from where the latest attack “occurred, there is a plaque that commemorates the Peterloo massacre (1819).” He noted how in the wake of this historic massacre “the movement for universal suffrage and extending the franchise grew stronger”; writing how, after much pressure, “The reactionary elites that resisted finally yielded to the overwhelming will of the people.”

This tale should therefore remind us that it is possible that the will of the people will once again overwhelm the will of reactionary elites, and that one day soon we may soon have the type of socialist political representatives who can once against help to lead a collective struggle that can bring peace and prosperity to the entire world.


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