Corbyn Will Bring an End to Belt-Tightening!

“Just tighten your belt a little more while we gift billions to the super-rich.” This demand for austerity is something that we have grown used to hearing from our politicians.

Britain is the fifth richest country in the world, yet today, most working people are earning less, after inflation, than they did ten years ago.

For too many decades the Labour Party has been missing in action as far as fighting to ensure that it is we (the many) who profit from all the wealth that we generate for our country every single day. Jeremy Corbyn, a rare man of his word in political circles, says that all our hard work need no longer go to waste, laying idle in foreign banks or sheltered from sight in far-away tax havens.


Corbyn’s socialist policies give us hope that we can loosen our belts – an opportunity that understandably comes as something of a shock to many. For too long, only fat-cat business elites have enjoyed the luxury of undoing their belts: “can we really afford to loosen ours too?”

The short answer is YES! Corbyn has already pledged not to increase the tax burdens on the poorest 95% of the British population, and says he will “take on the social scourge of tax avoidance… and close down tax loopholes.”

By reversing the privatisation of key public services Corbyn will be able to claw back billions of pounds of squandered resources, which is currently being poured down the gullets of insatiable corporate vultures.

Decades of belt tightening has meant we have had no money to spend on looking after our own communities. And it is for this reason that the corporate elites who demand endless welfare handouts from previous governments, Tory or Blair-Labour, continue to fight so hard to promote the idea that they shouldn’t ever have to tighten their belts.

As far as the super-rich are concerned everyone else must tighten their belts, including pregnant mothers. This has led to the intolerable situation whereby unlawful maternity and pregnancy discrimination is growing worse by the day. In 2015 alone, 54,000 pregnant women and new mothers were forced out of their jobs (double that ten years ago). This is why Corbyn’s Labour Party will, for a start, act firmly to get rid of costly unfair employment tribunal fees which literally price people out of justice.

Corbyn’s popular proposals are bringing hope to many and fear to the few.

Britain deserves better than the instability, needless poverty and belt-tightening that we have grown too accustomed too. We need to learn how to fight again to ensure that the world we collectively make every day is no longer wretched from our hands.

Belt-tightening must be done. But let us use this election to make it clear that, collectively, we will never accept that our belts will be tightened again. After all, what is the point in living if we can’t grow?


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  1. Total agree but he needs to win an awful lot of people back who labour and the unions have doublecrossed by selling them or their jobs to the lowest cheapskate employers abroad or indeed in the UK itself. It pandered to middle class Thatcherites neo-liberal free trade anarchists who believed making mineworkers, steelworkers etc unemployed and buying cheaply from countries was the future. Only now when some of these middle class Thatcherites/Blarities see their own white collar jobs being sold to they see the folly of such policies or lets hope
    the do.

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