Corbyn Comes To Town


Strong and stable are two words that most definitely do not spring to mind when I think about the present Tory government. Weak and unstable are much more accurate descriptors of Theresa May’s divided party of serial liars.

Take the NHS for instance. We would all like to have a strong and stable health service, but this is not possible under May’s misrule.

Doctors and nurses are clear: the NHS is in crisis because of funding cuts. The Tories proud reply (rather: lie) is that NHS funding is increasing. When this highly misleading mistruth is debunked (repeatedly) by all manner of independent bodies, the Tories remain strong and stable in their resolve to lie.

Now, standing in popular opposition to Tony Blair’s toxic legacy is Jeremy Corbyn. Under Corbyn’s democratic leadership, we will once again have the chance to shape our country’s future, not leaving it in the hands of unaccountable elites, whether of the Blairite or Tory variety, or in the grasping hands of the fading UKIP and Lib Dem strains.

Britain as a whole can only win if Corbyn comes out with a strong socialist program for change. Capitalism today, despite the claims of ‘recovery’, has only economic crisis and endless austerity to offer the majority.

Policies that meet the needs of the many must be a priority. Labour’s manifesto should be decided by Corbyn and his hundreds of thousands of supporters in the Labour Party – it is too important to allow it to be watered down to ‘austerity-lite’ via compromise with the Blairite right wing.

Key priorities should be the nationalisation of the rail and energy companies, not to mention taking the pharmaceutical industry into public ownership – a parasitic industry that sucks around £16 billion a year out of our NHS. Also ditch the tampon tax! Tampons are no luxury item, they should be made free for all women.

What about the immediate introduction of a £10 an hour minimum wage, an end to zero-hour contracts, and free education for all? All reasonable socialist demands, which can be bolstered by a mass council house building, rent controls, and the repeal of all our countries toxic anti-trade union laws.

This is the type of fighting program that I want to hear from Corbyn when he comes to speak in Leicester this weekend. Corbyn has many enemies at large in society, so let us unite behind a man whose strong and stable program for change can once again make us a proud Labour city.

Jeremy Corbyn Rally Leicester 2017


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