Tokenism and Earth Hour

Leicester Mercury March 24

Preventing the destruction of the environment is an issue of critical importance, but it is important that we don’t engage in pointless feel-good activities that do nothing to help save our planet.

WWF’s annual “Earth Hour” is just one such event that does nothing of value to help the planet. Rather than promote the type of grassroots activism and rebellion that is necessary to stop the destruction of our planet, Earth Hour promotes corporate-sanctioned tokenism in its place. It is for this latter reason that Leicester Labour Party Councillor Adam Clarke (who is the Assistant City Mayor – Energy & Sustainability) gets so excited about Earth Hour.

One perhaps more useful way that working-class politicians could fight to protect the environment might be by demanding an end to needless wars, which contribute massively to the destruction of both human life and the planet as a whole. On this front Leicester has two of its own Labour warmongers, Keith Vaz and Liz Kendall, both of whom recently refused to call upon the British government to stop supplying weapons that allow the Saudi Monarchy to continue their criminal war against the people of Yemen.

Thus in addition to calling upon Vaz and Kendall to stop backing wars, Councillor Clarke might do well to ask the chairman of WWF UK’s board of trustees how he feels about personally profiting from arms sales to Saudi Monarch’s. This is because WWF UK’s current chairman, Sir Andrew Cahn, is presently also a board member of General Dynamics (UK) – a company that the Campaign Against Arms Trade notes has contracts to supply Saudi Arabia with Abrams main battle tanks and also large numbers of armoured vehicles.



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