Making Red Nose Day Really Work for the 99%

One things is certain in these uncertain political times: income inequality between the rich and poor is on the rise. It seems like a sick joke, but the world’s eight richest individuals now have the same combined wealth as the lower earning 50% of humanity residing in our vast universe!

Red Nose Day, which takes place this Friday in Britain, thus lends itself as the perfect chance to bloody the noses of the out-of-touch billionaires who seem all too willing to sacrifice our lives to engorge their profit margins. I can think of eight noses to get started with, but those in America will have to wait to May 25 for their own opportunity to “come together to end child poverty, one nose at a time.”

However, the celebrity extravaganza of comedy and fundraising that marks Red Nose Day need not be ditched quite yet. There is much poverty and gloom in the world, and I for one would not want to deprive millions of people of a rare opportunity to laugh together while demonstrating the deep depths of their generosity.




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