Unison Calls Upon the Council to Oppose All Cuts

Leicester is a city dominated by Labour, with a Lib-Dem/Tory opposition group composed of just two councillors. However, like all other Labour Council’s up and down the country our city has been busy passing on Tory cuts with gusto (and crocodile tears).

In the latest phase of cuts (“savings”) the axe is being swung down upon welfare services, youth services, and mental health services. This is not to mention the closure of the last remaining Council-run elderly care home, with has been accompanied by the sacking of 48 carers.

The Council are presently in the process of slashing £6 million from the wages of Council workers. Labour are thus trying to force “savings” down their workers throats. The recommended medicine for Council employees is to accept three days unpaid leave over the Christmas period, say goodbye to hard-won sick pay, pay protection and redundancy entitlements, and accept the loss of premium payments for unsocial working hours…




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