The Conservative Party: The Natural Home for Rightwing Labour Leaders

People living in Leicestershire have lots of reasons to be heartened about social change, and many reasons to be negative too, as draconian Tory funding cuts are literally destroying public service provision.

The positives: at the weekend around 2,000 people from across the region descended upon Leicester city centre to march against the proposed closure of Glenfield Heart Unit. While today, a giant Valentine’s Card has been placed in Haymarket Shopping Centre upon which people can write messages to show their heartfelt anger to the Tory cuts that are ultimately to blame for NHS England’s decision to try to reduce the number of heart units provided across the country.

Other good news was reported in today’s Leicester Mercury (February 14) in an article titled “Former Leicestershire Labour councillor and Corbyn critic joins Tories – after saying he wouldn’t.” “An unusual new relationship has blossomed on Valentine’s Day,” the Mercury reported. Justifying his decision, former Leicestershire Labour county councillor Leon Spence explained “The Conservatives have done a lot of good in the past four years…” He added: “I’ve finally found my political home… I believe that the country is, on the whole, heading in the right direction under the Prime Minister, Theresa May.”

For lots of reasons we should wish Mr Spence good luck with his new blossoming relationship. As Mr Spence had formerly been a proud Blairite and member of Labour’s rightwing faction, Progress, it is easy to understand that the reasons for his break-up with Labour.


In 2015 Mr Spence recalled his love of Tony Blair on his web site noting that as “thousands of traditional socialists were leaving Labour” because of both the Iraq War and “because of New Labour’s ‘neoliberal’ approach, I was marching in the opposite direction…”

Thus earlier today Mr Spence posted his latest article on his web site which picks up this story, boasting that he had now joined the Conservative Party. He explained: “For me it is the logical end to a journey which I have been on for a number years.” Quite right! Well done Mr Spence for being so honest. Perhaps now other members of Progress will consider joining you in a political party that is more in tune with their divisive, ruling-class politics.


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