Profound Disillusionment with the Establishment

Only 26% of the eligible voting population backed Donald Trump at the ballot box. So it is fair to say that it was the American public’s profound disillusionment with the establishment politics represented by the Democrat’s Wall Street candidate, Hillary Clinton, that served as the decisive factor that allowed Trump to pull off this unlikely victory.

Since then, Trump’s abominable racist ban on the rights of millions of people from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the US has been met by massive resistance. Trump in-turn ramped-up his incoherent fearmongering by tweeting: “We must keep ‘evil’ out of our country!” (February 3)


This is the context in which Leicester Mercury letter-writer Bill Hastie takes offence with my “left-wing polemics” that denounce Trump’s bigotry. Hastie’s letter, titled “USA has a right to impose travel ban” (Mailbox, February 3), also takes the time to belittle the recent anti-Trump demonstration in Leicester that involved around 400 individuals. He explained: “only 0.09 per cent of Leicester people bothered to protest”.

Four hundred people, of course, is a lot of people by anyone’s estimate. In contrast when members of the anti-Muslim, pro-Trump racists calling themselves Britain First recently protested in Leicester, they were only mobilised about five people.

Another local right-wing letter-writer who takes exception with my letters is Blairite diehard Denis Bown, whose most recent diatribe to confusion was titled “Far left policies turn off voters” (Mailbox, February 4). Bown points his finger in dismay at the 300,000 plus Labour Party members who dared to vote for Jeremy Corbyn (late last year), blaming them as being personally responsible for the “certain disaster” for Labour’s future.

Bown forgets that it was the British public’s profound disillusionment with the establishment politics of the pro-business status quo (not socialist politics) that were ably represented by Ed Miliband that led to Labour’s electoral failures in 2010 and 2015. For Bown, the only way that Labour could have forestalled these losses would have been for Labour to have run with Ed’s more Blairite brother, David.

This leads Bown to believe that socialists like myself “are similar to King Canute, thinking they can stop the tide” that is moving Labour politics rightwards into the hands of Blairites and corporate elites. His Canute allegory inverts the truth, as it is the vast majority of the Labour Party’s membership that represents the tide that is pushing politics to the left, and it is he and his fellow Blairites who are now desperately scrambling around trying to stop the swelling tide of socialism that threatens to sweep away their toxic legacy.


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