The Future of Leicester’s Youth Services: Cuts or No Cuts? Surely That Should Be the Question!


Leicester’s Labour Council are presently engaged in a never-ending series of cuts to vital public services. And the most recent ‘consultation,’ launched just this week, would like us to decide whether we would like to have the funding cut for youth services by 56% (the lowest option available) or 66% (the highest option available)!

Current spending on Council youth services “currently costs about £1.6m to run each year” (the accurate figure is £1.64m). The three proposed cuts are to reduce spending to:

  • Option 1: £690,000
  • Option 2: £632,000
  • Option 3: £536,000

Although the consultation does not offer a “no cuts” option, the Council does offer an “other” option for the public to tick, but in brackets this option states: “please provide any suggestions you may have on how we can reduce the cost of youth support services in Leicester.” Therefore I wrote:

“I don’t want any of the three options. Moreover I resent the fact that you want me to provide suggestions for saving money. I want you to make no cuts. As a Labour Council why don’t you stand your ground and build a fightback against Tory austerity?”

Instead of asking the public to complete an endless series of time-consuming consultations which keep asking us which services we would like to cut and by how much, why don’t our Labour Council ask the people of Leicester if we would like them to pick one of three options, either:

  • Option 1: Go ahead and cut another £55m from the budgets of local services
  • Option 2: Make no further cuts for the next few years (which will involve investigating ways to relocate money from their reserve accounts)
  • Option 3: Make no further cuts for the next few years (which will involve investigating ways to relocate money from their reserve accounts) and help organise a city-wide fightback against Tory cuts, which can then link up with other Labour councils across the country who similarly refuse to carry through the Tories hated and debunked austerity program!

But rather than putting these options to the public via disempowering online surveys, why don’t Labour City Council call for a giant public meeting to discuss whether the people of Leicester want a city that fights the Tories, or a city that attacks the people by carrying through the Tories bidding.


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