Tony Blair’s Tory Friend

It does get a little boring reading Tory criticisms of socialist ideas. It seems that all Tory politicians want to do is pass more wealth to business elites, while taking wealth from the rest of us. Tories know their place in society well. They are the profit takers, and we are the profit makers, and they are scared stiff that people will eventually refuse to accept this exploitative state of affairs.

Therefore I found it a little tiring reading Denis Bown’s latest screed to corporatism (“Labour in need of changes at the top,” Leicester Mercury Mailbox, January 18).

Rather than celebrate the critical role that trade unions play within society Mr Bown bemoans how left-wing they are. I wish this were actually the case, but sadly at present the leadership of many unions are actually quite lacking as far as taking the fight to the Tories. If the unions were truly left-wing we certainly wouldn’t be saddled with job insecurity, long working hours, zero hour contracts, and pay that is too low to pay the bills.

Ironically although Mr Bown used to be a Labour councillor… like any good Tory he attacks the working-class, particularly those members of the Labour Party who support Corbyn. He says the “300,000 plus” people who joined the Labour Party in the past year or so have “ruined it”. What utter twaddle.

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