Congratulating De Montfort University for Highlighting Poverty

May I congratulate De Montfort University for having the foresight to organise a special viewing of Ken Loach’s masterpiece, “I, Daniel Blake” at the Phoenix Cinema earlier tonight. This film provides a devastating critique of austerity Britain under the Tories, which can be seen by the massive growth in foodbanks and the exploitation of workers on zero hour contracts.

Mark Charlton, DMU’s Head of Public Engagement, said: “I, Daniel Blake is essential viewing and I would urge as many people as possible to take the opportunity to see it.”


But two questions remain. First, when the university has the money to complete a multi-million pound renovation of its campus, why does DMU still employ some of their workers on zero hour contracts?

And secondly, why did Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard bestow the university’s highest honour upon the architect of austerity Britain, David Cameron? This award was gifted to Cameron in 2015 because of his commitment to equality.

When these two questions are answered I will feel more comfortable in congratulating Professor Shellard for his recent good fortune of being chosen to serve as the United Nations representative for the Gandhi Global Family.

As Professor Shellard said when he received the news of his latest appointment: “One quote which I always keep in my mind is Gandhi’s creed, to be the change you want to see in the world.

That’s nice, so now let’s see if Professor Shellard will take these words to heart and actually provide concrete evidence of acting upon the content of Gandhi’s words.


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