Sir Peter Soulsby’s Christmas Knight-mare

Labour’s Leicester City Mayor is a proud member of the Imperial Society of the Knights Bachelor. As Sir Peter Alfred Soulsby will be aware, the designation Knight Bachelor, shortened to Sir, has been “used since the time of Henry III,” and is thought to come “from the Norman French battalere – one who fought on the battlefield.”

But in accepting this honour, Peter was only publicly acknowledging his own longstanding departure from the field of battle as far as far as the ongoing class war is concerned.

Instead of posing a fighting alternative to the Tories ongoing decimation of local government funding (which will soon see funding cuts of £155 million a year), Sir Peter says his hands are tied; although strangely, his bonds don’t seem so tight when it comes to publicly condemning the anti-austerity leader of his own party.

Such a passive approach, vis a vis the Tories’ relentless attacks on our lives and our city, leads to disappointment for both us and Sir Peter. I say this because having deprived his Labour Council of any way of resisting the Tories, this year Sir Peter decided that the only option open to him was to ask Father Christmas for help.

Sir Peter’s line of magical thinking was made apparent during the mayoral “question time” held earlier this month. When asked what is the one thing he would like for Christmas? He responded: “Can we have our £155 million back please.”

Sir Peter’s counsel of passivity and hopelessness has no place in the Labour movement.

A war is currently being wage upon Leicester by the powers that be, and we must rebel so long as we have not lost all human feeling. Only active resistance by the labour movement can fend off the greed of the Tories, and inspire hope that united action on the part of the working class can break the power of the ruling class.


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