A Festive Song for Samworth Brothers: the “National Living Rage”

The scrooge bosses at local food manufacturer Samworth Brothers should hang their heads in shame for the appalling way in which they continue to treat their employees. This is why Samworth featured prominently in the just-released festive spoof song “National Living Rage” (see below).

Produced and sung by a variety of Labour Party MPs, the song’s lyrics point the finger at bosses who “have plenty” but as far as “their hard-working staff” are concerned “give out less and less.” Of course Samworth were not the only big business to feature in this song, and others included B&Q, Tesco, Waitrose, Caffè Nero and Eat.

“Be ashamed of how you treat your staff,” the MPs sang (rather untunefully), before launching in the chorus: “Keep their perks… Don’t be scrooge, it’s Christmas time!”

Upset by this bad publicity, Samworth hit back immediately, releasing a lengthy statement to the press which explained how the MPs have got it all wrong. Apparently Samworth management consider their company to be one of the best, most friendly employers in the food manufacturing sector.

After playing a short snippet of the song, BBC Radio Leicester kindly read out Samworth’s press release in full — with the ill-informed reporter Jim Davies concluding: “So clearly a firm rebuttal of the Labour MPs choice to include them in this particular ‘naming and shaming’ video” (BBC Radio Leicester, December 16).  “That’s right“, his co-host Jo Hayward chimed in, blissfully unaware of Samworth’s systematic bullying of their staff.

But while it is true that Samworth are mistreating their employees, the irony in this case is that many of the Labour MPs featuring in the “National Living Rage” song are unfortunately doing a shameful job of representing ordinary members of the Labour Party. For a start, many of the cheery MPs have played an active role in opposing Jeremy Corbyn’s openly socialist, pro-union, anti-austerity leadership of the Labour Party.

Hypocrite MPs who feature in Labour’s cheerless Christmas song include Siobhain McDonagh, Kevin Brennan, Mary Creagh, Julie Elliot, Helen Goodman, Dan Jarvis, Mike Kane, Melanie Onn, and Fiona MacTaggart.  (Just three of the other Labour MP’s featured in the video actually support Corbyn, these being: Julie Cooper, Carolyn Harris, and Angela Rayner.)

Yes, Samworth Brothers like the other businesses mentioned in the song, should, they sing: “Be ashamed of how you treat your staff.” But likewise Labour’s soulful anti-Corbynista’s should also be ashamed of the contempt with which they persistently treat their democratically elected leader. We might sing in response to our Labour representatives: ‘Be ashamed of how you treat your members!’



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