A Tory Attack On One Is An Attack On All

Under the Tories’ misrule, the poor are being crushed into poverty – whether they are in work or not. Now a detailed analysis of just under 200,000 British households has proved conclusively that our pernicious leaders must be axed.

As profits for Tory toffs steadily climb, low-income working families will be left £2,500 worse off by 2020. These same families are the same so-called “just about managing” households that Theresa May has pledged to help!

But the only people May is interested in helping are her corporate mates. While ordinary people are beaten down with austerity, big business are offered tax breaks, and plans for a £2 billion “research and development” investment boondoggle.

The findings should be a call to arms for Labour councils across the country. However, these same councils still seem to be committed to “just managing” Tory cuts without building a fight-back — implementing policies they know will only raise poverty and homelessness levels.

If anything, estimates that household income will drop by £2,500 are conservative. The consultancy that undertook this shocking report, Policy in Practice, is headed by Deven Ghelani, one of Ian Duncan Smith’s protégés and the primary architect of the Tories hated Universal Credit. He can hardly be relied upon for an impartial appraisal of the effect of Tory cuts.

Either way, Deven’s report concludes: “Working households will lose £48.90 per week due to cuts to Universal Credit, rising private rents and the benefits freeze.”

The Government’s response to cutting £381 million from welfare payments to the 190,000 households examined in this study has been to hand back a measly £10 million in Discretionary Housing Payments!

Enough is enough: we must renew our demands for a cap on private sector rents; properly paid jobs for all; and an end to the scapegoating of society’s most vulnerable citizens.



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