Reaching People like Amanda Hack

Labour Party councillor Amanda Hack has represented the Thorpe Astley ward on Braunstone Town Council for some years, and at last year’s general election she unsuccessfully ran as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Leicestershire.

Professionally, Amanda works as Head of Economic Development for the Asra Housing Group. She is also an outspoken critic of the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Having backed Andy Burnham during last year’s leadership contest, Amanda is evidently not best pleased by Corbyn’s rejection of the Blairite consensus, which unfortunately still persists in the Parliamentary Labour Party. This opposition to Corbyn led Amanda to support the coup against him by signing an open letter (in June) calling upon the leader of the Labour Party to resign. She then went on to become a vocal supporter of her favoured Blairite candidate, Owen Smith.

In addition to campaigning against the leader of her own party, Amanda is currently a trustee of a Reaching People, a charity whose mission statement says it aims:

“To improve the circumstances and quality of life for people, especially those who are most disadvantaged and/or have health problems, by working in partnership to deliver innovative solutions to support them to make confident choices, form positive relationships and reach their full potential.”

Perhaps someone close to Amanda should give her a gentle reminder that supporting the anti-austerity leader of her own party might be one of the most productive ways in which she can support the mission of Reaching People. She might also challenge the managers at Reaching People as to why they have included local Conservative Party councillor Miriam (McKee) Surtee upon their board of trustees, when it should be quite clear that Tories have no interest in “improv[ing] the circumstances and quality of life for people, especially those who are most disadvantaged…”



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