Russell Brand Explains Marxism

Russell Brand has relaunched his regular You Tube Trews show. And in concluding his most recent Trews episode Russell makes some interesting points on the serial mispresentation of both the powerful and those with an interest in Marxism who oppose the powerful.

“Power presents itself as normal, instead of powerful, [and the Donald Trump/Hilary Clinton ‘debacle’] is the perfect example of this. By having this fizzing, whirling, sparkling, ludicrous, bullshit mist sprayed into our face, we never get to even question if it’s possible that we could have some kind of alternative. Could we have something genuinely different? Is it possible in this technological age that we could have truly devolved power and truly represent the interests of the most vulnerable people in society, as well as everyone else in society? I’ve been reading a little bit about Marxism: the main thing that they want today is that you should be having loads more leisure time, it’s not just tub-thumping economics, austerity, personal poverty, and denial of aestheticism; its presented as that [by the powerful] because really what it’s about is devolution of power and devolution of resources.”


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