Keith Vaz and Britain’s Anti-Democratic Media Landscape

Over the years, Keith Vaz has proven quite capable of dragging his own name through the mud, but like so many implacable capitalists careerists he has been able to rely upon the mainstream media to forgive him for his oft-repeated slip-ups.

There are, of course, all too many political reasons to list for opposing the decidedly unsocialist politics of Vaz, all of which are based upon his dire voting record in Parliament. Nevertheless the establishment-run media cares little about dishing the dirt on the pro-capitalist habits of unprincipled politicians (especially if they are Tories or act like Tories).

Instead the mainstream media are relentless in focusing their bile and factually incorrect ‘scoops’ upon socialist critics of the status quo, like Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, or more recently upon our supposedly revolutionary Junior Doctors.

Mail 2016

If the mainstream media had really wanted to expose hypocrite Vaz, they could have done so at any point over the past few decades by simply reporting on his political record in Parliament. But instead they have deliberately chosen not to focus on his politics, but on his private life — which is appalling, but to be expected from the spying, anti-democratic, homophobic press barons that dominate Britain’s media landscape.

If anything will be learned from this ongoing and unnecessarily personal saga it is the media’s inability to focus on the politics of our politicians.

Finally, given Vaz’s preferred secret alter ego as a washing machine salesman, it is ironic that part of his former Leicester constituency office (vacated by Vaz only last summer) is now the base for a local police office, while the other half of his former constituency premises is presently being converted into a launderette. Irony works in mysterious ways… not so the corporate media.

292 Victoria Road East (site of Keith Vaz’s former constituency office)

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