The “Slash, Trash, and Plunder” of Leicestershire’s Hospitals

If you accept the Tories austerity project, than part and parcel of that acceptance involves slashing billions of pounds from the NHS. Snidely, the government refers to cuts as efficiency savings, hence their latest plans that are being overseen by NHS England are named “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” (STP).

STP Leicestershire hospitals

The Leicester Mercury (August 26) reports that locally the implementation of the STP means working out how to run local health services with £451 million removed from the annual budget of our hospitals.

This is why it is so important to fight against Tory cuts, to reject austerity, and fight for a properly funded NHS, minus fatcat profiteers.

Such a fightback is currently being offered by Jeremy Corbyn — which explains why the rightwing leadership of his party, along with the corporate media and Tories, are getting so het up about his anti-austerity vision for Britain.

One not-so-bright idea for efficiency savings in our regions apparently involves the removal of acute facilities from the Leicester General Hospital so it can be turned “into a community hospital”! (Mercury, August 26)

With such destructive policies in mind, there can be no doubt that the people of Leicestershire will fight tooth and nail to oppose to oppose the implementation of the government’s latest attempted ‘Slash, Trash, and Plunder’ (STP) of our NHS.

Campaigning group Keep Our NHS Public have pointed out in a recent leaflet how:

“As the NHS is gradually run down, private healthcare and private insurance will grow. This is the Government’s plan. England is headed for a privatised, insurance-based health service with a run-down NHS unless we can convince politicians to heed our demands to SAVE OUR NHS.”

Health care in Leicestershire is therefore under imminent threat.

Thankfully, campaigns are already underway to help prevent the closure of both Hinckley Mount Road Hospital and Glenfield Heart Unit. So now is the time to unite all struggles against planned cuts, to ensure that the NHS is revitalised and not crushed. And a vital part of any such campaign will involve making the political case for a fully funded and publicly owned NHS.

For further information get involved with “Leicestershire Against the Cuts” (LAC) and read more on the brilliant web site of the LAC-affiliated group Leicester Campaign Against NHS Privatization:


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  1. nice to see you attacking the TORIES and their privatisation plans………………………………………………………..keep corbyn >

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