The Blairite Conspiracy: How to Take Control of Labour Party Meetings

The following is a fictitious letter that is not being circulated by anybody except those interested in ridiculing Deputy Labour Party leader Tom Watson.

How to take control of Labour party meetings.

First, make the meetings boring. Flood the branches and constituency meetings with procedural requests, the minutes of the last meeting and process. Tom Watson has aptly referred to such bureaucratic tactics that serve to induce a deep slumber on even the most awakened activists as “central command and control” (al la Blair).

Part two: make the event adversarial by engaging in witch-hunts against socialists who agitate to increase party democracy.

Important lessons should be learned from Unison’s witch-hunt against Socialist Party members, who were successful in organising vibrant, active, and militant local branches of the union in contrast to the “central command and control” exhibited by the union’s leadership.

This behaviour basically reduces the attendance of the remaining socialist types. Then the meeting [is] ours to control.

Now for the piece de resistance. Once the troublesome socialists – organised or otherwise – are out of the way, motions and debates on policy and political positions will commence. Each will pass almost by acclaim.

No need for speeches against. From here on, it will be easy and the minutes often reflect the result of debates as ‘unanimous’.

Subsequent speeches at Labour gatherings – Labour party conference and the like – will then be narrated with how much support they got at constituency Labour party level.

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