Sundip Meghani Demands that “Jeremy Corbyn Must Be Deposed”

Members of Harborough Constituency Labour Party, like many other constituency groups across the country, voted overwhelmingly to reaffirm their support of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of their Party. Brilliant news.

That Corbyn is immensely popular with the public is not in question. Proof of his surging popularity is evidenced by the ever-growing membership of the Party under his leadership, and by the fact that in the past two days alone over 183,000 people paid £25 so that they could vote in the Labour leadership ballot.

On the other hand, the majority of Corbyn’s Parliamentary Labour Party have always resolutely opposed his leadership, after all most of them still continue to ‘think’ that the Labour Party lost the last General Election because they were not rightwing enough!

The visceral hatred of Corbyn and his socialist principles is therefore openly advertised by all manner of Labour Party careerists: a good example in this regard is the Labour Party’s unsuccessful parliamentary candidate for Harborough (and recent councillor for Beaumont Leys), Sundip Meghani.

When Meghani was asked if Jeremy Corbyn embodied the values of the Labour Party on BBC Radio Leicester (July 12) he replied: “I don’t think he does, no, I am afraid not.” Apparently, Meghani continued, “everything [Corbyn] stands for, everything he believes in, everything he has ever done in his entire career has undermined” the Labour Party’s commitment to parliamentary democracy.

This groundless smear followed on from Meghani’s recent decision (June 27) to join 56 other former Labour parliamentary candidates “in calling on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as leader of the Labour Party.” Meghani’s facebook update on this particular anti-democratic action explained:

“In less than a year as Labour leader Mr Corbyn has proved himself to be a weak, out of touch and divisive figure. He has held the press in contempt, but not as much as he has held many of us in the Labour movement in contempt. By surrounding himself with sycophants and ideologues, threatening dissenting Labour MPs with deselection, and cultivating ‘Momentum’ as a paramilitary-style wing of the leader’s office, he has conducted his leadership in a manner which is typical of the hard left: an iron fist cloaked in a velvet glove. It is leadership by tyranny.”

Little wonder that the Harborough Constituency Labour Party planned “to discuss a motion to demand an apology” from Meghani for this outrageous and libellous comment. His pitiful response was that the proposed motion was “absurd nonsense”; adding that his Constituency Labour Party just seem to “enjoy wasting their energy and time on selfish and trivial matters” (July 11, Leicester Mercury).

These astounding and witless statements come from a man who took to twitter, on July 11, to say that David Cameron had “behaved more honourably than Jeremy Corbyn” by resigning. A few days later, commenting on the undemocratic coronation of Cameron’s replacement at Downing Street, Meghani tweeted: “Very impressive speech from Prime Minister May. A bold & ambitious vision to tackle social injustice in our country.” Kind words indeed from mendacious Meghani praising the first speech of the reactionary and racist heir apparent of the Tories, Theresa May.

Contrast these admiring tweets to Meghani’s Labour-related ones which warn of the “existential threat from Jeremy Corbyn, his sycophants & other hard left extremists” (June 28), and his demand that “Jeremy Corbyn must be deposed” (June 28); or on to his bizarre tweet that “Labour has now been hijacked by the hard left” (July 12).

Sundip Meghani on Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum.png

Such comments are all the more concerning, because as a solicitor by profession, Meghani is well aware of the significance of the carefully chosen words that he uses to attack members of his own party. It is also worrying, to say the least, that he has just been elected National Branch Secretary to lead the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union at the Independent Police Complaints Commission (where he is employed). (PCS being a fighting trade union with a strong tradition of opposing the sellout policies of rightwing Labour careerists like Meghani.)

sundip 5

Here we might refresh ourselves of the nature of Meghani’s vacuous commitment to progressive social change that he made during a General Election hustings debate held at the Leicester Secular Hall just last year. “I am not about hyperbole and sensationalism,” he said, “I think we need to have a sensible debate and try to have some progress to try to make this a better and fairer country.”

Later, in his defence of maintaining our countries Trident weapons systems, Meghani glowingly cited leading right-wing militarist Donald Rumsfeld, who he noted famously said we need to protect ourselves from the “unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

This is the same Donald Rumsfeld who as the US defence secretary nominated a vile special forces veteran (Colonel James Steele) -– a man with a track record of organising paramilitary death squads in El Salvador — to run a genocidal campaign in Iraq “that killed about 10% of the Sunni Arabs of Iraq by 2008, and drove about half of all Sunnis from their homes.

Therefore it is ironic, especially given Sundip Meghani’s fondness for quoting Rumsfeld’s rhetorical rubbish about “unknown unknowns” that Meghani should equate the democratic actions of hundreds of thousands of Corbyn supporters with those of “paramilitary” forces, at the same time as demanding that Corbyn be “deposed”.

It seems that Labour-extremists like Meghani, who are proudly cast in Blair’s mould and who currently dominate the Labour Party leadership, will stop at nothing to oust Corbyn. This makes it critical that the Labour Party membership reaches out to the broader trade union movement in order to fortify their ongoing fight back.

Hannah Sell, the Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party, thus makes a forceful argument for taking such actions in a recent video, where she says:

“It is to the credit of the hundreds of thousands of workers and young people who have come to the defence of Jeremy Corbyn despite all the attempts to fix the [Labour leadership] election and to curtail the electorate. People are coming out to try to get Jeremy re-elected. And obviously that is the focus, rightly, in the coming weeks, but we need to go beyond that as well. The Socialist Party is calling for a conference of all of those forces in the labour movement that support Jeremy Corbyn: those inside the Labour Party and outside; the affiliated trade unions, but also the unaffiliated unions like the Transport workers union, the RMT, that have just given £25,000 to help Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign; young Labour Party members, but also organisations like the Socialist Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition who support Jeremy’s anti-austerity stance.”

If you agree with this simple and democratic idea, then support such demands in any organisation you happen to be a member of, and then share and sign the online petition here:

sundip 3


Notes: Tweets from Sundip Meghani @Sundip

June 27 – Frothing sycophants, threats of deselection and a paramilitary-style wing to back him. This is leadership by tyranny by Jeremy Corbyn.

June 28 – Labour faces an existential threat from Jeremy Corbyn, his sycophants & other hard left extremists. We must not let them destroy our party.

June 28 – Labour MPs: millions of Labour voters are counting on you to rescue our great party from trots and saboteurs. Jeremy Corbyn must be deposed.

July 11- I am no fan of David Cameron, but the outgoing PM has put his party and his country first, and behaved more honourably than Jeremy Corbyn.

July 12 – Disappointing result. Thank you to the 14 NEC reps who tried to save our party tonight. Sadly Labour has now been hijacked by the hard left.


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