The Belligerence and Arrogance of Those Seeking to Destroy the Labour Party

Speaking to BBC Radio Leicester about the ongoing attacks upon the democratically elected leader of his Party, Deputy City Mayor Rory Palmer was evidently shocked. “This is awful and dreadful and I am hating every minute of it,” he said. “Nobody in the Labour Party is enjoying this. I honestly didn’t think it could get this bad.”

Certainly the majority of the members of the Labour Party are not enjoying the open warfare that is being waged upon Corbyn by the majority of his own Parliamentary Party.

Labour members across the country must be similarly shocked by their MPs traitorous actions. For example, in the wake of the vote of ‘no confidence’, the Chair and Secretary of the Wallasey constituency Labour party wrote to their local MP Angela Eagle (former Shadow First Secretary of State) to oppose her ongoing campaigning against the leader of their Party.

The belligerence and arrogance of such Labour MPs however, knows no bounds. They seem intent on continuing their efforts to destroy the Labour Party as an organisation of the working class, just in the same way that many of them were doing so effectively, for too many years, prior the unexpected ascent of Corbyn to the head of their Party.

Sensing his moment of glory, Rory Palmer has now joined a public campaign to force Corbyn to resign, and as part of a group of 77 Labour councillors he has written to every other Labour councillor in the country to urge them to unite behind his group’s anti-democratic efforts to depose the first decent and popular leader that the Labour Party have had for decades.

Bizarrely Palmer has inverted reality by stating that is has been Corbyn’s “belligerence” and “arrogance” in refusing to resign that “is starting to destroy the Labour Party, arguably irreparably.” (June 29, BBC Radio Leicester) I can only suggest that Mr Palmer take a vow of silence for a few months so he can go away and think about the tragic track record of Labour’s other recent leaders who, most certainly, have been utterly unelectable.

All of the biggest trade unions (Unison, Unite, GMB, and CWU), unlike Palmer and company, have now lined up firmly behind Corbyn, precisely because they see him as a viable leader for the working class. As the Bakers Union explained in a press release:

“The reality, is that this cabal of mainly Blairite MPs have been planning this for a long time and given the timing, it begs the questions; how much of this is about the imminent arrival of the Chilcot report and who may, or may not come out of it badly? How much of this is to provide distraction? Is it just a coincidence that many of the people who are calling for votes of no confidence in Mr Corbyn are notorious supporters of Tony Blair, who voted for the illegal war in Iraq? It certainly seems bizarre, that given the fact that the Conservatives are going into meltdown and the country is crying out for unity, that these people should decide that now is the time for a civil war within the Labour Party.”

June 29 Leicester Mercury


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