Kick Out the Tories, Both Red and Blue

The Tories have been stoking the flames of racial hatred for too long. David Cameron slashes spending on public services, attacks our NHS and schools, refuses to build cheap affordable housing, and then give tax breaks to his millionaire chums.

Cameron and his Tory buddies then lay the blame for all of society’s ills upon benefit cheats and immigrants, when the real problems are the corporate scroungers who refuse to pay their way, who let their tax-free riches migrant overseas at our expense.

With Cameron’s divisive, so-called counterterrorism strategies (like PREVENT), clearly working to demonise Muslims, little wonder that 2015 saw a reported 326% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes over those committed in 2014 (June 27, The Independent).

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand has been a steadfast opponent of the wars that fuel terrorism, and a stalwart campaigner against the dangerous rising tide of Islamophobia.

In contrast to the divided and crumbling Tories, Corbyn is a firm believer that the working class should not be made to pay for a financial crisis caused by the super-rich. That is why he supports political goals that will benefit normal people, like a real living wage of £10 an hour, and the construction of tens of thousands of genuinely affordable council homes.


The same commitment to the working class is not displayed by the 172 Blairite Labour MPs who are trying to force him to resign. An anti-democratic act that is opposed by Labour’s membership and by the trade union movement, but has been publicly backed by Leicester’s Mayoral rats, Rory (the Tory) Palmer and Sir Peter Soulsby.

Times are a changing. The Tories are in disarray. The rightwing within the Labour Party then pick this moment to attack their own leader. And Corbyn most certainly will not be resigning, instead he promises to intensify his attacks on the Tories.

And even previous opponents of mandatory reselection of Labour MPs, like Len McCluskey, the leader of Britain’s biggest trade union, are now beginning to say that such democratic processes may need to be utilised.


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