Labour MP Predicts a General Election this Year

Now Britain has voted to leave the EU, we now need to have a vote to say good riddance to the Tories. For that to happen we need to bring pressure to bear upon the government to force a General Election.

This is not some pie-in-the-sky demand, because as reported in the Leicester Mercury today, distraught Remain campaigner, Labour MP Jon Ashworth, “said he could foresee a General Election within the next five months in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.” The sooner the better is all I can say.

Another local Labour MP, Keith Vaz, who harks from the opposite end of the political spectrum from his Party’s leader, however felt personally crushed by the referendum result. Mr Vaz used his space in the local newspaper to insult the public by saying “they voted emotionally rather than looking at the facts” (June 25, Mercury). For good measure he added: “They [voters] rejected the advice of all the experts, they rejected the arguments that had been put forward by almost everyone in Parliament.”

With voters having been lied to by all manner of politicians, from UKIP to Labour, it should come as little surprise that they don’t trust the experts, who themselves often work as mouthpieces for the parliamentary/corporate establishment.

It is particularly ironic that Mr Vaz is so affronted by this working class insult to the powerful, as he himself has spent the last quarter of a century ignoring both expert and public advice by voting to support every war under the sun. He says that Brexit will have “catastrophic” consequences for the world, but what has really been catastrophic for the world is his persistent support for war.

Others thankfully have a more positive vision for the future, and so yesterday, Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union explained: “The resignation of David Cameron will not be mourned by firefighters or other workers – indeed it would be better if the entire government resigned.”

Unfortunately such a mass resignation is not likely, hence the need to popularise the demand for a General Election, now!

In the meantime, Matt Wrack made clear:

“Any attempt to introduce an emergency budget that further attacks public services or seeks to increase taxes on working people, must be opposed by the trade union movement and the Labour Party.

“Trade unions must campaign on the basis of unity. We have to ensure that any debate around immigration does not scapegoat migrant workers, which includes thousands of people who deliver our NHS and work in our fire and rescue service. Where others want division, we must answer with unity and solidarity.

“To workers across the UK we say, whether you voted Leave or Remain, we must stand together in defence of jobs, our rights and public services.”

And as Hannah Sell, the Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party points out in a recent interview:

“We share with working class people in Britain who voted for Leave, and also millions of working class people across Europe, who suffered at the hands of the EU, a sense of elation that we succeeded in striking a blow against the establishment. But we also understand that there were working class people who voted for remain, and that they woke up worried about the consequences of the exit vote; worried that yet again it would be working class people expected to pay the price; and also worried about the increase of racism, of nationalism, of anti-migrant feeling after the referendum.

“But there is nothing automatic about the Right being the winners from this Brexit vote. Millions of people, as Jeremy Corbyn rightly said, voted against austerity when they voted on the 23rd of June. We now need to harness that movement. Corbyn should be demanding a General Election and saying that he would stand on a clear anti-austerity program.”



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