From Samworth to Spain: Taking Action for Workers’ Rights

Sunday will be an important day for two reasons. Firstly, it will play host to an important local protest in defence of workers’ rights that will be taking place outside the headquarters of Melton-based Samworth Brothers. This protest is part of a growing campaign to demand the reinstatement of sacked union rep Kumaran Bose.

Secondly, although you may not have heard much about it there will be a general election in Spain, in which anti-austerity socialists have a good chance of seizing power. As the British Tory press frets:

“The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has warned against a possible shock victory by Podemos in Sunday’s general election as the hard Left, anti-austerity party surges to just three points behind the ruling Popular Party (PP) in opinion polls.” (June 21, Daily Telegraph)

The Economist magazine notes:

“Podemos… has tapped the frustration of the young. Mr [Pablo] Iglesias [the leader of Podemos] has redefined Spanish politics as a struggle against la cásta (‘the caste’), by which he means the leaders and hangers-on of the traditional parties who colonised institutions from the courts to the savings banks and the boardrooms of corporate Spain.”

The likelihood of a success for socialists in Spain has been improved by the recent decision of Podemos to unite in an electoral alliance with Izquierda Unida — which won a million votes in last December’s elections — to stand united as Unidos Podemos (“Together we can”).

Here it should be noted that although the leadership of Podemos ended up backing Syriza’s betrayal of the heroic “OXI” of the Greek working class in last summer’s austerity referendum, now Britain has voted to leave the EU there is a possibility that Unidos Podemos may be emboldened to break with the anti-democratic strictures of the EU.

The possibility of a serious challenge to the EU has been increased by the left-wing leadership shown by Alberto Garzon, who, since last year has been the leader of Izquierda Unida. Earlier this month, for example, a political motion put to the Izquierda Unida assembly by Garzon which won over 70% support clearly stated that the “EU is un-reformable and incompatible with the sovereignty of peoples or with any policy of social transformation”.

So let’s build for the local protest on Sunday to defend workers’ rights, and be hopeful that we can celebrate a critical victory for socialism in Spain on Sunday too.

Go to the Facebook page Reinstate Kumaran Bose

Join the protest outside the headquarters of Samworth Brothers on Sunday 26th June, 12.30pm, Chetwode House, Melton Mowbray LE13 1GA

Samworth Brothers Reinstate Kumaran Bose.png


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