Lexiteers Masquerading as Racists?

Earlier today Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered.

Thousands of people took to social media to express messages of condolence and solidarity.

People across the Labour movement are united in their opposition to this senseless murder, and to use such an event as political fodder is contemptible.

But here in Leicester, a vitriolic and bitter Labour Party campaigner updated their facebook timeline to defame principled socialists campaigning for a Left Exit from the EU (or Lexit).

The confused hater-in-question wrote the following comment when posting a link to a Metro article titled “MP Jo Cox shot outside Birstall library ‘by man shouting Britain First’.”

“This is what the brexit campaign is legitimating. Outpourings of right wing racist hate. Congratulations to the anti-internationalists who masquerade as fighting for workers and human rights under the name of lexit.”

Certainly bile is too weak a word for such a vacuous attack on socialists campaigning to leave the EU.

EU Brexit campaigning has certainly been consumed by racism, but to then blame socialists for this is to stoop to new lows of sloganeering.

Lexit campaigners have remained steadfast to internationalist socialist principles in fighting for workers’ and human rights. Campaigners like the author in question reveal themselves as unscrupulous and opportunistic in the extreme.

Bile comment.png


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