Muhammad Ali Vs. Keith Vaz

Vaz knocked out by Ali

Labour MP Keith Vaz has spent the last quarter of a century abusing his position in Parliament by giving the green light to wars of aggression that have led to the slaughter of millions. But just as warmonger Vaz is keen to jump on the war-bandwagon, he has always been equally keen to hitch his own name to those who dedicate themselves to peace and justice.

So in a vulgar display of hypocrisy, just three days after the death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Mr Vaz had the gall to sponsor a parliamentary motion mourning the passing of Ali, noting his passionate commitment to peace as a “strong advocate for human rights and equality” (EDM 134).

Vaz also took to social media celebrating Ali’s fame as a war resister.


Instead of voting to support imperialist wars, Ali was of course famous for opposing the Vietnam war by becoming a conscientious objector, and being fervently opposed to all such imperialist wars of aggression.

No doubt Ali would have KO’d warmonger Vaz if they had even met in the ring.



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