Join the Lobby of Samworth Brothers to Demand the Reinstatement of Sacked Union Activist

Leicestershire-based food giant, Samworth Brothers are gaining national notoriety for their ongoing commitment to attacking their employees’ quality of life. The irony being that the union-hating Samworth Brothers sell themselves with the slogan: “Where quality is a way of life.”

While the quality of their Ginster pies may rate highly alongside the quality, lavish, millionaire-lifestyles enjoyed by the Samworth bosses, their workforce are presently having to make do with a climate of bullying, and ongoing attacks on their working conditions.

It is of course hard to square the Samworth bosses’ dismal treatment of their workers with the company’s other favoured advertising slogan, which goes: “Our people define us – loyalty and dedication contribute to the continuing success of the company.”

I say this because last Friday, after months of intimidation, Samworth bosses sacked popular Bakers Union activist Kumaran Bose “who has done much to speak out against the undemocratic nature of the pay restructuring” that is currently being undertaken by his bosses. Bose thus provides a perfect example of one of Samworth Brothers thousands of loyal and dedicated employees who is being bullied in return for all his hard work.


As Bakers Union regional organiser, George Atwall, pointed out:

“Kumaran has worked for the company for twelve years with neither a blemish to his name or his work record; but since the dispute began, he has been subjected to a severe campaign of bullying from his managers. Kumaran’s only crime has been his outstanding success in convincing more than 50% of the workers in his factory to join the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union. What his Managers particularly disliked was his brave decision to stand up for his rights and refuse to accept that he and his fellow workers should be treated so appallingly, and that their families should be denied a decent standard of living.”

But this is not the end of the matter, as presently “another union representative is being dragged through disciplinary proceedings and also could face the sack” (June 9, Morning Star). It seems that the Samworth bosses will go to any length to intimidate their workers, and are now scrambling desperately to prevent their workers from having their democratic right to trade union representation in their workplace.

In response Mr Atwall said: “We are calling on all fair minded people to support our call for the reinstatement of Kumaran Bose.”

So as a means of helping the Bakers Union on this matter please consider emailing Samworth Brothers bosses at and Tesco (which has a major contract to sell on Samworth produce) at and demand the immediate reinstatement of Kumaran Bose.


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  1. Absolutely disgusting this poor man being sacked for sticking up for workers rights though not surprising with right wing fascist goverment in power

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