Anti-Racism Rally in Leicester: Opposing Britain First’s Politics of Hate

If you in any doubt about the reactionary political character of Britain First, then just reflect for a moment on their relationship with the fascist street-fighting organisation otherwise known as the English Defence League (EDL). EDL is infamous locally for being the group, who in 2010, rampaged through Leicester’s streets attacking people.

When the EDL’s leader Tommy Robinson controversially decided to part company with his racist friends (temporarily I might add) Paul Golding was shocked beyond belief, writing on his web site how: “In only a few hours, the English Defence League and all its followers have been betrayed, their hard work over the years thrown on the scrapheap…”

He then made a plea to the EDL’s disillusioned fascist thugs: “If you want to get involved with the only true, incorruptible and fervent resistance movement in this country then now is the time to bounce back from despair and betrayal and once again seize the moment like a true British fighter!”

Here Mr Golding was brazenly attempting to recruit the most hardened racists from the EDL with whom Britain First had been organising with within something called ‘English National Resistance’. As Mr Golding stated in their Spring 2013 leaflet: “Recently Britain First and other patriotic defence groups launched the ‘English National Resistance’ – this new militant protest organisation will lead the way on the streets defending our people.”

Mr Golding as a former leader of the neo-nazi BNP is of course no stranger to fascist politics, although like the EDL he prefers to distance himself from such discredited and deeply unpopular ideas and instead focus his hate against Muslims — with whom he says we are at war.

One of Britain First’s most fundamental policies is to “Introduce a comprehensive ban on the religion of ‘Islam’ within the United Kingdom.”

Mr Golding describes Britain First as a “patriotic political party and street defence organisation” relentlessly focused on waging the fightback against Islam. Muslim refugees are in actual fact “soldiers” he says, who “have been sent to fight” on British shores. Once “their numbers are strong enough, they will wage war against anyone who attempts to stand in the way of their religious agenda” (October 2015).

But the war has already begun on British soil, and Mr Golding warns: “We must start to fight back now if we are to avert [a] horrendous and humiliating fate as a nation” (December 2015).

Unfortunately none of this sounds too different from the anti-democratic hate-speech of the millionaire former backer of the EDL, Alan Lake, who in 2010 posted on his extreme right-wing website, 4 Freedoms:

“In 20 or 30 years the UK will start to fragment into Islamic enclaves and non-Islamic areas around them. It’s time we decide… who we will force in the Islamic enclaves (and who we will execute if they sneak out.) By forcing these liberal twits into those enclaves, we will be sending them to their death at worst, and at best they and their families will be subjected to all the depredations, persecution and abuse that non-Muslims worldwide currently ‘enjoy’ in countries like Pakistan… It will be great to see them executed or tortured to death.”

Fascists like this have no place in Leicester (or anywhere else for that matter), which is why the public sent Britain First packing over the last two weekends.

This Saturday (June 4) however to demonstrate that such extremists will never be welcome in Leicester an anti-racism rally has been organised to take place in Leicester by the Clock Tower from 11.30am. See you there!

No to racism in Leicester


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