Britain First’s War on Islam

Britain First is a tiny organisation with a massive social media outreach, led by Paul Golding, the former publicist for the neo-nazi group, the BNP. Unfortunately, Mr Golding believes he has been given an important mission by God to do his utmost to spread right-wing ‘Christian’ nonsense about the evils of Islam.

If you want to know what Mr Golding thinks about Islam then perhaps a good place to start is with his hate-filled ‘newspaper.’

Let’s start with the December 2015 edition of Britain First’s paper which leads with the provocative title: “World War 3 has Begun: Time to Stop Pretending the World isn’t Heading for Bloodshed!” Be afraid, very afraid, as “This war will happen on the streets of Britain… in town centres, workplaces, concert halls and millions will perish.”

Mr Golding warns: “We [by which he means non-Muslims] will become second class citizens suffering racism, hostility and discrimination on a galactic scale.”

Confused about whether the war has already begun, or is soon to begin, Mr Golding says that Muslim refugees are in actual fact “soldiers” who “have been sent to fight” on British shores. Once “their numbers are strong enough, they will wage war against anyone who attempts to stand in the way of their religious agenda” (October 2015).

If you are not convinced by such warmongering nonsense Mr Golding asserts that Muslims have already committed genocide upon Christians in the Middle East. Yes, you might have missed that one, but Mr Golding, the Christian patriot par excellence, “has long argued that almost every single church in the West is shamefully silent about the genocide of the Christians in the Middle East” (February 2016).

The peaceful distribution of leaflets and newspapers is, of course, not what Mr Golding has in mind when he, and his missionaries, makes their little excursions to Leicester (or any other town for that matter). Instead, they are quite clear that they intend to stoke the furnaces of hatred against Muslims by building upon the relentless torrent of lies that have already been told about Muslims in the media.

Mr Golding’s most recent paper is emphatic, stating that Britain First and their Christian patriots aim to oppose all Muslims because, as Mr Golding says, “it is the duty of all good, observant Muslims to wage war against” Britain. Apparently good Muslims are “duty bound to wage war” – “there is no neutral ground.”

So when Mr Golding comes to Leicester, he comes in the name of war. As he puts it: “We must start to fight back now if we are to avert [a] horrendous and humiliating fate as a nation” (December 2015).

So if you, like me, oppose Mr Golding’s plans to incite war on our streets, join the peaceful welcoming party for Britain First on Saturday (June 4) in Leicester by the Clock Tower from 12pm.

Paul Golding Not a Racist


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