Islamophobia, the EU, and the Real Preachers of Hate — Britain First

Britain Furst

Britain First, a toxic split-off group from the British National Party, were unsuccessful in launching their EU campaign here in Leicester yesterday. Members of the public stood their ground in challenging Britain First’s anti-immigrant propaganda and their ill-informed hatred of Muslims, and so the police had to step in to better enable them to continue distributing their hate-filled paraphernalia.

Soon an ever-growing crowd encircled the preachers of hate, which left the shaven thugs with not much to do except stand waving their huge union jack flags, until the angry crowd grew to such a size that they were escorted back to their car by the police (“Leicester Makes Short Shrift of Britain First“).

Clearly a central pillar of far-right groups like Britain First is their ability to confuse themselves.

Picking up and amplifying the misleading narrative that runs through much of the right-wing national press, and even the liberal media, such divisive groups blame all the world’s problems on immigrants.

Needless to say they neglect to focus on the real causes of Britain’s problems, which is the fact that, over the past four decades or so, successive governments have served to enrich the 0.1% elite at the expense of the rest of us.

Let’s remember that the main rate of corporation tax in the UK was 52% in 1980, and is now just 18%. This is not to mention the criminal amount of tax avoidance that is openly carried out right under the noses of our government, which has meant that around £120 billion a year is stolen from the British working class.

Here it is important to note that while Jeremy Corbyn, as the new leader of the Labour Party, may oppose such systemic corporate cronyism, almost the entirety of the parliamentary leadership of the Labour Party still prefers to actively serve the needs of the corporate business class before those of the working class.

A perfect example is provided by the newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who during his election campaign vowed to be “the most pro-business Mayor London has ever had”, and who, since being elected, aggressively attacked Corbyn for his commitment to socialist ideas.

Facts like these of course matter little to Britain First. Sadiq Khan is a “dangerous Islamic extremist,” they say in a video describing how London “has fallen” to the Muslims, adding that Khan was “pushed to the forefront by the new Left-wing extremist fringe that has taken over the Labour Party.” Simple obvious truths elude Britain First once again!

It is little surprise that Britain First’s so-called anti-EU campaign is equally nonsensical.  They say they are defiantly campaigning against “a leftwing EU superstate” and they warn “Every leftist and liberal is crawling out from under every rock to ruin our chances of making our country great again.”

They neglect to mention that socialists have a long track-record of opposing the bosses club that is the EU; indeed, Jeremy Corbyn himself has spent his whole working life opposing the EU precisely because it serves the interest of the super-rich and enforces austerity upon Europe.

The irony is that now Corbyn has become the leader of the Labour Party his right-wing colleagues in Parliament have been able to force him to campaign to stay in the EU.


A Badger Note

It is worth pointing out that activists from an anti-badger culling march that was organised in Leicester yesterday rallied behind efforts to kick Britain First off our streets. So here is worth paying tribute to the longstanding efforts of badgers themselves in promoting racial harmony.



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