Can Red Leicester Beat Back the Blues?

The Foxes have worked wonders, but our local Labour politicians have been more lack lustre in their commitment to the people of Leicester.

Earlier this year Keith Vaz played host to a protest organised by Leicester Against War, who highlighted his commitment to supporting pretty much every war he could possibly back over the past 25 years.

Mr Vaz has also been slow to do much to publicly support local workers employed by blue Tory employers Samworth Brothers, who are slashing premium pay for their 5,000 or so local factory workers.

Always one for a joke, Vaz spoke in Parliament earlier today jesting that Red Leicester could be renamed Blue Leicester. Business Secretary Sajid Javid replied “I like the sound of Blue Leicester, I like it very much.”

But a good argument can be made that Leicester’s Labour Council has been acting blue for too many years already, in passing on colossal Tory cuts to services.

Certainly our Council lacks the fighting spirit of Leicester City Football Club. As one article surmises:

“Most of the council’s and mayor’s efforts seem to have been spent on prettifying a few select ‘quarters’ and leaving the rest of the place to look like Chernobyl. The Disneyfication of the area around the modest Cathedral where Richard III eventually found a parking spot is symbolic of some very poor priorities.

“A careless and complacent local authority, thoughtless development and powerful economic forces have pushed Leicester’s economy downhill as rapidly as Leicester’s sporting prowess – Leicester Tigers rugby, and a succession of snooker stars as well as soccer – have propelled it onto the world stage.”

Fingers will no doubt be crossed that our Labour politicians will learn a thing or two from our city’s momentous victory. The future of our city is at stake no less.

This is because without a winning strategy for moving from “Backing the Blue” to “Beating the Blues” it seems unlikely that our politicians will be doing anything to help the downtrodden and jubilant working-class of our mighty city oust the Tory government anytime soon.



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