Leicester Council Rejects Government’s Academy Plans

Brilliant news in today’s Leicester Mercury (April 22), especially considering the threat posed by academies to the pay and conditions of all staff working in education.

Schools shouldn’t rush to become academies“, says the education chief at Leicester City Council.

Councillor Sarah Russell (who is the Assistant City Mayor – Children, Young People & Schools) has just written “to all governing bodies in the city to say that, despite the government’s recent white paper, which set out that all schools should become academies by 2022, the main focus should be ‘teaching and learning’”

The Mercury continues by pointing out that “Earlier this month, Birmingham City Council passed a motion to reject the government’s plan to turn all schools into academies. It has said it will oppose several of the white paper proposals. Councillor Russell said that she supported its motion.”

Birmingham councillors have affirmed their committment to campaign with the unions, media and the Local Government Association to mobilise opposition against the White Paper’s key policy: total academisation. This followed hot-on-the-heels of a national call to action from the Local Government Association Labour Group which, amongst other things, stated:

“We want to hear from you about the local efforts you are making to organise against these proposals. Whether it’s organising a meeting of school governors, linking up with teaching unions, or supporting parents to write to your local paper criticising the removal of their say over how their children’s schools are run.”



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