War-Profiteering Tory MP Demands Ethics Review for Striking Doctors

Ethics is not a word that is generally associated with Tory MPs, so earlier this week it was particularly bizarre to hear about Sir Nicholas Soames’ concerns about ethics in the National Health Service.

Sir Nicholas’ newfound concern about right and wrong coincided with the release of a critical television documentary which demonstrates how Sir Nicholas’ own private mercenary army (business) has made a veritable killing in Iraq by employing former child soldiers from Sierra Leone.


On Monday in Parliament it was therefore particulary galling to hear Sir Nicholas ask the Secretary of State for Health if he agreed “that all striking doctors should consult their hospital’s ethics committee” before taking industrial action. Jeremy Hunt of course agreed, noting: “My right hon. Friend is absolutely right to say that consulting with the ethics committee in the trust is a wise thing to do.”

The perversion of Tory MPs thus seems to know no bounds.

Sir Nicholas, who is the grandson of Winston Churchill, happens to also be on the record as opposing the minimum wage. This should come as little surprise as a senior director from his mercenary company, Aegis, admitted that they had willingly employed mercenaries from Sierra Leone to work in Iraq because they were cheaper than Europeans, coming in at a shareboosting cost of just £11 a day.


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