Hinckley Hospital Under Threat of Closure

Attacks on our NHS continue apace, and, as ever, people are fighting back.

Last month in Huddersfield, 8,000 people marched against plans to close the A&E department at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI) and to downgrade the hospital. http://handsoffhri.org/

In Leicester, hundreds have turned out to protest against the closure of yet another GP practice. But the cuts to our vitally needed services keep coming – all from a government that lowers the tax rate for their corporate friends while slashing benefits for the disabled.

The latest tragedy facing the people of Leicestershire is the potential closure of Hinckley Mount Road Hospital… and again the local community is making their collective voice heard (“Hinckley hospital protest petition calls for support,” March 9, Hinckley Times).

Over a thousand people have already signed an online petition to save Hinckley Hospital, so make sure you sign it as well… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/123415

Save Hinckley Hospital

Then make sure you tell your friends about the forthcoming regional demonstration in Nottingham (on April 6) and the planned protest in Leicester city centre (on April 9), both of which aim to show the government that they can no longer continuing treating our Junior Doctors like rubbish.

And of course you could also encourage your local community group to affiliate to broad anti-austerity group Leicestershire Against the Cuts. It is only by uniting our resistance that we will be able to truly succeed in reversing all the callous attacks being waged upon our NHS.


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