UK HELPS itself

The people of Leicester have a long and proud history of opposing war. When the Conservatives, with the handy support of 66 Labour MPs, voted to begin the bombing of Syria last December, a new group called Leicester Against War was quickly formed.

Since the first initial 200-strong protest held by the Clock Tower on the eve of the murderous vote, the group has met every Friday evening between 5.30 and 6.30pm in the city centre to protest against our government of warmongers.


Just last month, for example, Leicester Against War held a successful demonstration outside of the offices of Keith Vaz (Labour MP, Leicester East) to highlight his 25 year commitment to supporting wars around the world.

On Thursday night a government propaganda agency called UK HELPS is coming to Leicester to try to persuade people that our government really does care about people in the Middle East with a particular focus on Syria.

As they write on the flier advertising the event: the government’s “response to the crisis in Syria is the single biggest humanitarian response in British history.” “The government is committed to help stop the suffering of people in the region,” they lie, “but there may be aspects of foreign policy which you’d like to hear more about.”

“So come and meet representatives from the Government and the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) where you can discuss the issues and ask questions face to face… Don’t rely on hearsay. Hear it first hand.”

On September 28, 2015, just a few months prior to the commencement of British bombing of Syria, which went ahead against the advice of their own experts and the legal will of the United Nations, UK HELPS decided to take a break from social media (Facebook and Twitter) until the new year.

UK helps

Fittingly UK HELPS’ last post of 2015 promoted a video of David Cameron spouting doublespeak in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, about his government’s so-called commitment to helping Syrian refugees.

The government obviously take the public for fools, forgetting of course that only 24.5% of registered voters even bothered to vote for them. The government seem to think that if they connect the word UK and HELPS and create a web site with some fancy graphics, then people will forget about the long and murderous commitment of British foreign policy in the Middle East. I think not!

UK helps imperialism

The meeting runs between 6 and 8pm on Thursday (March 3) at the Highfields Community Centre, Leicester. Facebook event here

See below for the film posted by UK HELPS:

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