Cats and Mats: Inside Nicky Morgan’s Mangled Mind

Loughborough MP, and apparent “cat lover,” Nicky Morgan has her priorities in all the wrong places. Instead of opposing the serial underfunding of our NHS and wholesale loss of GP surgeries, Mrs Morgan is “backing a campaign to prevent a town losing its much-loved cat sanctuary” (“MP in cat sanctuary plea,” February 8, Leicester Mercury).

There is of course nothing wrong in attempting to save a cat sanctuary, but it is certainly a strange campaign for a local MP to back, especially when vital public services that help keep people (not cats) healthy and alive are being decimated.


Now we find out that in the past week Mrs Morgan has rallied to the defence of MAT’s as well as cats. MATs being multi-academy trusts, the government’s favoured form on unaccountable educational establishments.

In her tireless campaign to save the unloved, academically unproven academies, Mrs Morgan even felt the need to lie. Nothing new here for a Tory I guess.

As Ian Leaver, assistant secretary for Leicester’s National Union of Teachers (NUT), said, for Mrs Morgan to describe Rushey Mead as under-performing was a “gross insult to the staff and pupils that work there and to suggest that it was rescued by academy status is a downright lie.” (February 10, Mercury).

Ironically, it seems to have passed Mrs Morgan by that here in Leicester the school that has “caused most concern to the city council” has been Samworth Enterprise Academy – now called Tudor Grange Samworth Academy.

This letter was emailed to the Leicester Mercury on February 11.


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