Don’t Just Moan, Organise!

NHS quote

Everyone likes a good moan, and having a moan about fat-cat profiteers raking in their ill-gotten profits while the rest of us suffer is a perennial favourite.

Not so for the mainstream media, whose moaning is most intense when normal working people come together to organise against undemocratic political decisions that undermine their, and others, livelihoods.

We all of course have good reasons to moan about the privatisation of the NHS, and the fact that the Government want to rip £22 billion worth of cuts from our hospitals by 2020.

The moaning of corporate profiteers and their allies, on the other hand, is as senseless as it is repetitive, with their crescendo of moans now being directed against the British Medical Association (BMA) for daring to resist the Government’s attacks on the lifeblood of the NHS.

Evidently the Tories have never forgiven the British working-class for the momentous organising efforts that led to the creation of the NHS in the first place.

The doctors have readily explained that, like all other workers, taking strike action is their last option. Trust us, they say, we’re doctors.

No one can doubt that our precious, extremely overworked, doctors have good reasons for being angry at the way in which “the Government are riding roughshod” over the genuine concerns they continue to raise about patient safety and doctors’ well-being.

Let’s all learn a lesson from our determined doctors: don’t just moan, organise!

This letter was emailed to the Leicester Mercury on January 12. Published on January 14 as “Lesson from our doctors.”

Pictures below of today’s lively pickets at Glenfield Hospital (photo by Steve Score) and General Hospital (photo by Thomas Barker). For further report from picket-lines across the country, including in Leicester, click here.

Glenfield picket

NHS General picket


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