Prurience and Political Intrigue

Most Labour Party members are solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist leadership. But not so for most of the Party’s parliamentary representatives.

Take, for example, Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, who has spent the past few years publishing spittle-laden hate-pieces against progressives within the pages of the Daily Mail.

If ever there was a clear-cut case for deselection, Danczuk would surely qualify. His career brings to mind former Labour MP Reg Prentice, who, in 1976, was deselected by his local Labour Party constituents and then went on to become a MP for the Conservative Party.

Prior to Danczuk’s election in 2010, he had already been involved in various shenanigans to oust Labour Party colleagues who dared to question his authority.

Hence in 2009, Danczuk ensured that seven members of Rochdale Labour Party were sent their marching orders after publicly calling for an investigation into Danczuk’s poor conduct towards his then partner. Five of these Labour members were expelled and two suspended, one of whom had over 60 years membership of the party.

Then in 2014, Rochdale Labour Council leader Colin Lambert, a man who was deemed to be another thorn in side of the Labour right was ousted “after a coup” within the Labour group. Danczuk’s tweeted: “Good news for Rochdale that Richard Farnell is to be new council leader, commiserations to outgoing Councillor Colin Lambert.”

Now, after recent revelations raising concerns about Danczuk’s alleged preponderance for abusing his partners, and hankering for spankings by 17 year old girls, Rochdale’s right-wing Labour MP has finally been suspended, pending an investigation.

One media commentator in particular has been outraged at the media attention surrounding Danczuk’s affairs. Roy Greenslade wrote that he was “depressed by the amount of newspaper space devoted to Simon Danczuk’s private life”; saddened by this illustration of “British prurience” (Guardian, December 4).

Recall this is the same Greenslade who, while acting as the editor of the Daily Mirror, oversaw the toxic five-month-long smear campaign against Arthur Scargill in 1990. Greenslade eventually apologised… 12 years later, although you might be forgiven for having missed it.

If anything, we should all be saddened by the current batch of Danczuk-esque parliamentary representatives who continue to dominate the leadership of the Labour Party, two local examples being Liz Kendall and Keith Vaz.

We might also be saddened by the nature of the relentless smear campaign being waged against socialists and Jeremy Corbyn in nearly all the mainstream media, a media onslaught demanding Corbyn’s removal which of course includes Greenslade’s current anti-socialist haunt of choice, the Guardian.

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