Leicester Says No to War (Again)

Only 24% of the electorate voted for David Cameron, but at least he can be assured that the full weight of the corporate world lies firmly behind his government.

Evidently with such influencial backers, lies of the truthless variety can attain substancial gravitas, only after being pummeled into the popular consciousness by an ungodly array of servile media corporations.

In Cameron’s eyes, I like many others, must be fully fledged members of the despised ‘terrorist sympathizers’ club, owing to our role in supporting tonight’s third protest in Leicester against the bombing of Syria. But, contrary to the media’s ongoing distortions and hysterical fearmongering, the complete opposite is the case.


The 70,000 so-called opposition fighters available to support our bombing campaign in Syria, is just the latest in a long line of deceitful manipulations — Cameron’s own dodgy dossier moment no less.

Also, remember that Cameron’s original case for war came as a response to a report by the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee – a committee which confirmed what Leicester’s so-called ‘terrorist sympathizers’ have long argued: that there was no legitimate case for bombing!

One expert giving evidence to this committee pointed out how “Previously, the people who were fighting ISIS—Daesh—with the greatest success were the Syrian Kurds, who are part of the Turkish PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party.

But according to Cameron, the PKK are ‘terrorist sympathizers’ too. The British government, working in concert with the American government, prefer to continue to label the PKK as a terrorist organization: go figure.

The “people who have been the most effective allies of the Americans” in the fight against Daesh, Patrick Cockburn continued, are on the receiving end of Turkish bombs (Turkey being one of our government’s number one allies in the region). “In the first weeks of the Turkish air attacks, it turned out that they had launched 300 air attacks against the PKK and just three against Daesh, so that weakens the opponents of Daesh.”

What can not be in doubt, is that a commitment to using diplomatic channels in the region could do much to weaken the totally stoppable murder-cult that is Daesh. Daesh are after all selling their oil and buying their advanced weaponry from someone.

Another group of experts was then asked by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee: “To what extent does the panel feel that the regional powers in the area, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, are responsible for the state of the conflict in Syria today?”

Professor Raymond Hinnebusch’s succinct answer to this question aptly summed up the mood of the notably establishment foreign policy experts, when he simply observed: “I would agree that their role is essential to have kept the conflict going, because they provide the resources which enable the fighters on both sides to continue the conflict.

Of course, bombing can only be seen as the solution to defeating Daesh if the question is deceptively put, as Cameron and his mainstream media entourage like to repeat it: should we bomb Daesh, or merely close our eyes and pretend they don’t exist?

Instead, the question we all really need to ask ourselves is: who do we trust, and what are we going to do to about the people who continue to lie to us? And one answer to this question might see you joining a packed roomful of other people on Tuesday night to discuss this very issue – meeting from 6.30pm onwards at the Secular Hall on 15th December.



Also see: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/6cdf4682-e622-4235-b7cc-bad35447ea3f

dec 11 pic 3

dec 11 pic 2

 Photos by Ambrose Musiyiwa



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