Of Terrorism and Climate Denial

Professor Anthony Glees is a terrorism expert, who, like many within his chosen field of expertise, specialises in talking offensive nonsense.

Today, in the Daily Mail (November 30), Glees called for Left-wing students to be more “open-minded” and respectful of his right to spout Islamophobic misinformation.

His own mind, however, is so-far-open that his brain has evidently long fallen out. Earlier today he even tweeted support of The Sun’s toxic headline about the British Muslim communities supposed sympathy for ISIS. A ‘fact’ that even The Sun has since disowned.


Then, speaking on BBC Radio 2 earlier this afternoon, Glees appreciatively cited an article written by arch-climate denier, Matt Ridley, in order to cast doubt on the fact that climate change was even a problem. The article in question having been published in Rupert Murdoch’s other newspaper of ridicule, The Times (November 30).

During his radio interview with Jeremy Vines, professor Glees ‘argued’ that if global warming was happening, which he doubted, then there would be benefits in the form of increased food production. After-all, as Glees’ would have us believe: greenhouse gases get their name “because they allow food to grow”.

With such talking-heads dominating the corporate media it is a wonder at all that people can make any sense of the world around us. Certainly this is true for many of our political representatives, whose minds seem to have been particularly receptive to such garbage.

On the other hand, most of the public are not so easily misled. Hence the massive support for meaningful Government action on climate change, and the active and very vocal resistance to our Government’s threats to bombing of Syria.

This letter was emailed to the Leicester Mercury on November 30. (BBC Radio 2 interview cited at 17min)


There will be a similar protest here in Leicester on December 11. https://www.facebook.com/events/1673998819514408/


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